Seat Reservations

Interrail passes offer a fantastic way to see Europe at a lower cost. However, please remember that compulsory seat reservations apply to some routes within Europe at an additional cost, including all high speed trains, night trains and some inter-city trains. This means that you cannot just board any train you like in Europe with total flexibility. Some pre-planning is essential, since you will be fined if you board a train without a seat reservation where they are required.

You can buy all your required seat reservations directly from Railbug by contacting us by calling +44(0)333 808 1781 or emailing Just tell us your travel plans and we’ll be able to tell you which journeys require a reservation. You can then buy them directly from our call centre. See below for a brief overview of the types of trains which require reservations.

High Speed Trains

All high speed trains require a seat reservation to book your place on the train.

  • Italian and French Interrail Reservations can sell out very quickly in peak season, so book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Thello trains do not offer a reservation price, however Interrail pass holders can get a 25% discount on the advertised full fare prices.
  • Eurostar offers preferential rates for interrail pass holders. Contact them directly to book.

Night trains:

Night trains operate overnight, allowing you to make the most of your days in each city. They all require a seat reservation and charge a supplement for this. You can choose between various accommodation options on night trains, including:

  • Reserved seat
  • Reserved bed in a shared couchette of 4 or 6 (mixed or single sex, depending on train operator)
  • Private sleeper compartment for 2 people
  • Private sleeper compartment for 1 person
  • Most night trains have two toilets/wash basins per carriage.
  • On some trains (e.g. the Trenhotel in Spain) you can reserve a Gran Classe sleeper, which has a private bathroom with washing facilities.
  • All night trains have one conductor per carriage who will supervise the passengers and check tickets.
  • Your passport and interrail pass may be taken in as you enter the train. They will be returned just before your arrival.

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