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All passes are flexible, meaning you can travel on any day you like within the validity period, up to the maximum number of days specified by your pass type. For example a "5 in 15" means you can use any 5 days to travel, whether consecutively or not, within a 15 day period. We recommend thinking about how many times you will be moving on from city to city, and then how many days you will be away for in total. If you need any help with your travel plans, just give us a call before you buy your pass.








What's an Interrail Pass?

An interrail pass is a paper ticket that allows you to travel on most trains within a country or set of countries, either for free or for a small extra reservation cost. It also includes travel on some buses and ferries, as well as access to other discounts like entry fees and some accommodation.

Who can buy one?

There are no age restrictions, from children under 12 (free), youths (12-27), adults (28-59) and seniors (60+), as long as you're a resident of a European country you're good to go. You just can't use it to travel around your own country, but you are allowed two free journeys starting and finishing there.

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